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Only people’s potential full development can broaden organizations horizons.

Continuous improvement, transparency, pragmatism, ethics and happiness are the driving values in Bonfiglioli Consulting.

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Lean Factory School®

Lean Factory School®

A new format of training school, designed to experience the Lean Thinking concepts, in a real mocked up working environment.

Lean World Class®

Lean World Class®

Looking ahead
driven by a World-Class enterprise vision.

SOA Risorse Umane

Head Hunting Division

People value in organizations’ future. Head hunting.

Focus On

Digibelt is the enterprise application platform built for the manufacturing industry.
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Innovation is rebel stuff

“There are two mega trends that for some years now have influenced the production space. First, the much deeper knowledge of the customer. The second mega trend is the transition from mass production to mass customization”.
Chris Burry, co-CEO of the USMAC

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