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A comprehensive offering, to support our customers in making the changes and improvements necessary for their growth. A strategic actions plan to achieve the expected results. A full set of customizable services.


Bonfiglioli Consulting is the point of reference for Operations in Italy. We support our clients in understanding the value they can deliver to their customers and in developing the operational models necessary to achieve their growth and revenue goals.


Each organization is unique. This is the reason why our consulting support is highly customized.


Bonfiglioli Consulting: agreement signed with Indian Kampani Capital

March 2024 – Thanks to this agreement, the consulting group specialised in operations and internationalisation, already active in India for over twenty years through its subsidiary Octagona, expands its service offering for Italian companies interested in developing in the Indian market.

USA: 3PL logistics and business development

Tuesday 23 April 2024, starting from 2.30pm, through the Zoom platform | The purpose of the event is to help associated businesses to establish internationalization and export projects, implement a logistical defense through the 3PL system.

Federica Chiarello is the new Chief Operating Officer USA

Bologna, February 2024 – Federica Chiarello is the new Chief Operating Officer of Bonfiglioli Consulting USA Inc., U.S. branch of Bonfiglioli Consulting.

Pharma Smart Factory

The opportunities offered by the Smart Factory 4.0 transition for the Pharma sector are therefore enormous and companies certainly cannot afford to miss them, otherwise they will lose a key competitive lever.

INTERVIEW | Innovation is made by taking risks

Gigi Wang,Industry Fellow & Faculty at UC Berkeley

One of the most important things when we approach innovation is the attitude to take risks.
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