Supply Chain Management

Optimizing and enhancing material and service procurement

Designing and arranging the entire value chain in order to make it agile and responsive.

How to make a difference?

Digital Supply chain & Operations

Designing and implementing methods and tools to support digital transformation of operations and supply chains. Lean Digital Transformation refers to integrating digital solutions into a mature operating model in order to ensure higher speed, flexibility, decision-making ability and competitiveness.

Sustainable Supply Chain & Operations

Building competitive advantage through Environmental, Social and Economic sustainability by achieving cost reductions in products and processes while complying with existing regulations.

Distribution Outbound

Optimizing supply chain of goods and services by carefully analyzing critical factors and countermeasures to reduce logistics and warehouse costs.

Logistica inbound

Optimizing material flow required for processing by analyzing and improving procurement and warehouse management processes.


Reducing loss, waste and lead time across value chain by gaining a deep understanding of the entire planning hierarchy.

sourcing & procurement

Improving supply chain performance by analyzing supplier portfolio and designing actions to continuously increase supplier reliability and efficiency.
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