What’s next: Strategic Priorities for mid and long term growth

World growth across all mature economies is forecast to be up by 3.9%; and the US and China are forecast to grow at 3.8% and 5.5% respectively in 2022.
(The Conference Board’s Forecast for Global Growth 2021)

In a moment of discontinuity, one of the questions for all decision makers is which strategic initiatives need to be prioritized to ensure growth.
A Study on CXOs priorities has been conducted in 2021 by the German management consulting company Horváth having 250 global CxOs taking part from 26 countries and from 11 different industries to highlight strategic priorities and relevance of industry-specific trends.

Focused topics of the Study:

  • Strategic management priorities
  • Structural cost changes
  • Learnings in the digital transformation
  • Impact of industry-specific market and technology trends

Please join our Digital Roundtable on Tuesday, 30th November at 17:30, where our Experts share their key findings about the current strategic priorities of CxOs, and discuss current challenges and opportunities for growth.


1 hour | From 17.30 to 18.30

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Keynote Speakers

Ing. MICHELE BONFIGLIOLI | CEO, Bonfiglioli Consulting

Michele Bonfiglioli is CEO of Bonfiglioli Consulting and an expert in Operational Excellence solutions with over 25-year experience cross industries. He is co-author of several publications, the latest publication: Lean Digital. La via italiana alla fabbrica 5G.
Michele Bonfiglioli is a National and International speaker on Operational Excellence related topics in leading workshops, seminars and round tables arranged by National and International associations around the world.

Dr. RALF SAUTER | Partner, Horváth

Ralf Sauter is Partner of Horvath, one of the top international management consultancies focused on transformation and performance management. With about 1,000 employees in eight countries in Europe, the Arabian region, and the USA.
Ralf Sauter is a management consulting professional with more than 25 years’ experience in Americas and the EU in various industries (Professional Services, Consumer Products, Industrial Goods, High Tech and Automotive).


JACQUELINE HEERE, LLB | Strategic Partnerships Lead Europe, Cordence Worldwide

Jacqueline Heere is Strategic Partnerships Lead Europe at Cordence Worldwide, a global network of truly connected consultancy firms that Get Ahead of What’s Next . Bonfiglioli Consulting and Horváth are members. Jacqueline Heere is a nurtured international negotiator with experience at the UN and EU. She also worked for private organizations and consultancies, Hill+Knowlton Strategies and currently for TwynstraGudde, which is also part of the Cordence network.

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