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Current trends and opportunities in the US food & beverage market

With this document we would like to provide an overview of the most recurrent  challenges of a FOOD company operating in the US market and the most pressing issues deriving from the current social economical trends.

At the moment, the biggest general challenge affecting the US market as a whole is represented by the disruption of the supply chain due to the lack of workers that is affecting the operations of many ports in the US, namely -30% in Los Angeles. The backlogs, on October 11th was about 81 ships waiting in the Pacific Ocean, with LA and Long Beach moving more than 25% of American imports (WSJ reports).

On October 13th, President Biden has announced a plan to expand round-the-clock operations, ramping up overnight and off-hours operations in the West Coast ports, bringing them to 24/7.

Unloading more cargos at the ports will not probably solve the problems, US is also facing a trucking crisis, a shortage of truck drivers that forces some companies to look for truckers abroad.

Those bottlenecks are having a domino effect within larger economy, and are the result of a combination of factors, domestic and global.

Pricing in the energy sector are touching new records. Moreover, climate changes seem having more and more effects on it.

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