Value Chain Excellence

Designing and optimizing value chains

Supply Chain Excellence

Improving overall performances and supply chain resilience.

Policy Deployment

Turning business targets into requirements and key success factors for the entire value chain.

Operational Excellence

Making internal processes excellent boosting flexibility and reactivity.

Complexity Reduction

Cutting the end-to-end total cost to maximize the adding value.

How to make a difference?

Matching companies’ internal and external resources (people, processes, tools, organization, and partners) to improve customer service and balance cost structures is a key success factor for company’s growth sustainability.

Supply chain strategy

Designing and arranging the entire value chain in order to make it agile and responsive.
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Service Process Design

Aligning support processes in order to ensure performance improvement.
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sourcing & procurement

Maximizing company profit leveraging on purchasing and procurement area.
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Research & development

Making development processes efficient and effective and reducing product costs.
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Achieving excellence in manufacturing processes by adopting Lean World Class© principles and tools.
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Streamlining supply chain through careful management of crucial issues that drive logistics costs.
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Increasing customer satisfaction level by turning After Sales into a primary business driver.
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Developing sustainable products and redesigning organizational processes in a Lean & Green Manufacturing perspective.
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