Business Development & Integration

Grow and improve integration on the territory

How to grow on international markets and maintain optimal integration between HQ and local presences.

How to make a difference?

Organization  Assessment

We identify critical issues and improvement actions through a 360 ° analysis of the organization, administration, finance, control, marketing and legal aspects

Market & Sales Strategy

We support you in an in-depth analysis of Sales strategies with respect to the reference market.

Product&Service Strategy

We support you in the study of the product, service and industries and we guide you in defining growth strategies.

Organizational Redesign

We help you redesign the organizational structure and launch shared improvement actions.

Service process redesign

We accompany you in aligning support processes to improve performance.

After Sales

We help you to increase the level of customer satisfaction by transforming the After Sales into a key success factor.

In/out bound logistics

We guide you in optimizing the distribution chain through the careful management of the critical factors that determine logistics costs.
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