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Consumer Packaged Goods

In this industry, where the value chain is long, the key intervention areas to be successful in this new competitive scenario are:

  • Sourcing focused on quality and costs’ optimization along the whole manufacturing process
  • Product development process fully integrated with manufacturing
  • Manufacturing with a focus on maintenance and TPM in order to increase production flexibility and HR right sizing
  • Order and Supply Chain Management with a focus on Delivery on Time

Our interventions are always “value-driven” with a focus on the whole organization, as for the Lean approach, with an average 6 – 18 months paybacks. Main positive impacts will be recorded in the following KPIs: COGS, Working Capital, ROIC.

The value of our approach is based on experienced consultants able to develop the strategy and then to turn it into daily routines.

Main achieved results:

  • Time delivery: +15 to +30%
  • Time to Market: -10 to -30%
  • Increase in productivity: +25 to +45%
  • Decrease in procurement costs: -10%
  • Decrease in time for customers feed backs : -30%
  • Decrease in inventory: -5 to 15%
  • Decrease in the no. of scraps/ reworks: -15%

Main achieved results in environmental sustainability:

  • Decrease in energy costs: -30%
  • Decrease in emissions: -20%



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