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«Project & Product Development Expert» Training package

Robust Design approach implementation with the support of specific Lean tools. Training session details: Multi-Project Management, Overcosts/Overquality Costs, Modular & Platform Design.


Multi- Project Management
Two-day training session to experience critical issues and solutions to manage several projects at the same time thanks to Project Management actionable tools and team-working.


  • Management of several projects at the same time having shared resources
  • Multi-Project Management approach implementation along with Lean tools and techniques
  • Identification and banishment of waste, by detecting constraints and bottle necks
  • Simulations in order to deliver on time and meet all set requirements
  • Interacting with other departments
  • Team-work in order to improve communication


Overcosts/ Overquality Costs
Two-day training session dedicated to Value Analysis Techniques, methods and tools to streamline production and generate savings.


  • Training on the meaning of Value: which features customers really value
  • QFD (Quality Function Deployment) process implementation: a structured process to design product features starting from customer needs/wishes
  • DFMA (Design for Manufacturing&Assembling) approach implementation: technique to analize products in order to decrease costs by rationalizing components and assembly phase
  • VRP® (Variety Reduction Program) approach implementation: a technique to review complexity in products families
  • Overcosts/ Overquality costs approach implementation: a technique to detect costs and quality not appreciated by customers


Modular & Platform Design
Two-day training session aimed at providing the theoretical and practical bases of Modular Design and Platform. It allows to acquire techniques to develop, organize and manage product families, increasing the value perceived by the customer in terms of variety, configurability and customization.


  • A Business Game in which a new product family will be defined according to common product platform
  • Modular structure identification thanks to the “Modular Drivers” technique
  • Reduction of the variety of components thanks to VRP® techniques
  • Product standardization
  • Top-Down Design
  • Product configuration
  • Application and management of ATO (Assembly to Order) manufacturing model



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