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«Project & Product Development Expert» Training package

Robust Design approach implementation with the support of specific Lean tools. Training session details: Multi-Project Management, Overcosts/Overquality Costs, FMEA approach.


Multi- Project Management
Two-day training session to experience critical issues and solutions to manage several projects at the same time thanks to Project Management actionable tools and team-working.


  • Management of several projects at the same time having shared resources
  • Multi-Project Management approach implementation along with Lean tools and techniques
  • Identification and banishment of waste, by detecting constraints and bottle necks
  • Simulations in order to deliver on time and meet all set requirements
  • Interacting with other departments
  • Team-work in order to improve communication


Overcosts/ Overquality Costs
Two-day training session dedicated to Value Analysis Techniques, methods and tools to streamline production and generate savings.


  • Training on the meaning of Value: which features customers really value
  • QFD (Quality Function Deployment) process implementation: a structured process to design product features starting from customer needs/wishes
  • DFMA (Design for Manufacturing&Assembling) approach implementation: technique to analize products in order to decrease costs by rationalizing components and assembly phase
  • VRP® (Variety Reduction Program) approach implementation: a technique to review complexity in products families
  • Overcosts/ Overquality costs approach implementation: a technique to detect costs and quality not appreciated by customers


FMEA Approach
One-day training session to question before real issues rise. Participants will learn Value Analysis technique to be able to highlight actual or potential failures in products/ systems/ services in due advance and thus successfully prevent them to happen.


  • Implementation of DFMEA approach (Project FMEA – Design Failure Mode and Effect Analysis)  to analyze failure types and then overcome them by improving project features
  • Implementation of PMEA approach (Process FMEA) to analyze the manufacturing process in order to detect and eliminate possible failure types due to manufacturing phases



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