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«Lean Manufacturing Expert» Training package

Implementing Lean Manufacturing concepts and see the results first-hand. Training session details: Lean Basics, Lean Advanced, Value Stream Mapping.

Lean Basics
Two-day training session on Lean Manufacturing tools and techniques. Participants will experience, by simulating assembly operations, how to banish waste thanks to team-working and enabling technologies (i.e. IoT, Cloud, sensors).


  • Introductive session about training goals and product technical features
  • Launch of electric motors assembling runs implementing two techniques (isle and flow) in order to first detect, then attack and banish waste
  • Briefing following each production run to measure achieved performances by Lean metrics, launch improvement plans to decrease/banish waste and reinforcing team-working spirit
  • Appreciate the benefits provided by the digital management in operating procedures, quality controls, electronic traceability of components and anomalies


Lean Advanced
One-day training session to learn how to eliminate material shortage, dramatically decrease inventory level and  occupied space in the Shop Floor, by implementing Kanban and Supermarket Pull System.


  • Mapping of waste, material shortage, material handling, stocks, occupied space, unnecessary motions in the Shop Floor
  • KPIs definition to measure results in terms of productivity, occupied spaces, number of stoppages, etc…
  • Lean Materials Management role model definition and following implementation (Synchro and Kits System; Kanban and Supermarket sizing implementing a Pull System)
  • Measurement of improvements based on large scale optimization plans involving not only the whole organization but also key suppliers
  • Team spirit reinforcement


Value Stream Mapping
One-day training session to review materials and the information flows necessary in a product transformation process (or in delivering a service to the customer).


  • Team-working exercize to map value flow
  • Providing a clear and comprehensive view of the flows in a product family
  • Highlighting the link between the materials and the information flows
  • Calculating the Flow Index
  • Waste Detection: Not Value Added Activities ( NVAA or “muda”).
  • Defining a Future State Map, decreasing existing waste
  • Implementing  the Lean techniques (Kanban, 5Ss, JIT, TPM, SMED, etc.).
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