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«Digital Production Expert» Training package

Four days to review processes based on Lean approach and experience how digital technologies can support and speed up continuous improvement, thanks to the full information integration within the company. People, the core in Lean approach, can thus better focus on solving problems, minimizing data collection and analysis activities. Training session details: Digital Lean Production, OEE & Digital Shop Floor Management, Value Stream Mapping.


Digital Lean Production
Two-day training session on Lean Production and Industry 4.0 tools in order to appreciate how enabling technologies can accelerate the Lean & Digital Transformation.


  • Overview about Lean & Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 and their potential
  • Launch of electric motors assembling runs implementing two techniques (isle and flow) in order to first detect, then attack and banish waste
  • Implementation of Digital Instruction & Input to appreciate the benefits of a digital and integrated- based management of assembly instructions and quality controls
  • Implementation of cutting-edge Collect & Analyze tools for assembly data, components and anomalies tracking
  • Briefing following each production run to measure performances achieved by Lean metrics, launching improvement plans to decrease/banish waste and reinforce team-working spirit
  • Simulation of a Paperless Flash Meeting, based on the digital data collected and automatically re-classified


OEE & Digital Shop Floor Management
One-day training session to measure equipment and machines performances and appreciate the benefits of a digital and integrated data management supporting the Shop Floor Management.


  • Introductive session about training goals, TPM approach and OEE metrics
  • Digital Management of the equipment by means of start-up/ set-up times and small stops Smart Recording
  • Digital Management of maintenance intervention request
  • Launch of separate runs to measure equipment losses and OEE metrics, supported both by traditional and paperless tools
  • Training on Shop Floor Management and OEE metrics tools to attack TOP 5 losses
  • Simulation of a Paperless Flash Meeting, based on the digital data collected and automatically re-classified in order to deploy losses


Value Stream Mapping
One-day training session to review materials and the information flows necessary in a product transformation process (or in delivering a service to the customer).


  • Team working exercize to map value flow
  • Providing a clear and comprehensive view of the flows in a product family
  • Highlighting the link between the materials and the information flows
  • Calculating the Flow Index
  • Waste Detection: Not Value Added Activities ( NVAA or “muda”)
  • Defining a Future State Map, decreasing existing waste
  • Implementing  the Lean techniques (Kanban, 5Ss, JIT, TPM, SMED, etc.).
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