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The Training School

LEAN FACTORY SCHOOL®  Where theory meets practice

Our Lean Factory School® is a unique training opportunity where Lean principles can be applied on the field achieving great results. This is what we offer:

Our Goals

  • Understanding the Lean principles and techniques with a hands-on approach
  • Learning in a mocked-up factory, with real products
  • Testing on field the continuous improvement e the potential of the Digital Transformation
  • Experiencing team-learning and team-building in solving problems

Our Highlights

  • Learning Lean tools and techniques that can be implemented in your business straight away
  • «Learning by doing»: theory absorbs less than 20% of the time and follows the practice
  • Sharing not only the trainers’ expertise, but also their on-field experience in national and international Lean projects
  • Comparing experiences with other companies
  • Enhancing the importance of teamwork in order to achieve excellent results and engage all resources

Bonfiglioli Consulting offers the possibility to organize customized training packages, to be held both at out Lean Factory School® or at company premises, in order to meet the different training needs.
The school gets thus inside the company, ensuring a tailor-made training that fits real needs, enhancing people competences as well as businesses’ excellences and competitiveness.

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