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Lean World Class®

We began over 15 years ago implementing the Lean Thinking approach in various organizations and industries, then we combined it with the broader vision of the World Class methodology and this turned into a new high performing approach: the Lean World Class®.

Lean World Class® represents the next step of the Lean Thinking approach combining the up-to-date WCM (World Class Manufacturing) concepts along with the Cost Deployment (CD) and the People Development (PD) pillars. Cost deployment targets to prioritize the decisions for improvements based on their financial returns and the People Development (PD) targets to drive the training programs.

The Cost Deployment pillar strives for the full understanding of real manufacturing and non manufacturing costs (in details for process/equipment) including costs linked to the environment such as energy consuming, waste sorting, pollution levels and safety in order to fully identify and review losses. This allows to implement plans towards improvements based on real data linked their direct economic impacts in the Profit and Loss Statement. This is a key aspect, in fact in the Lean approach focuses on streamlining all processes by banishing all non value adding activities without any direct attention to direct financial returns. This can be considered its greatest restriction.
The other key pillar of this approach is the People Development. It focuses on people, the key success factor to enduring change. In the Lean approach, changes are driven by early successes, without any real deep change in the people mind set. On the other hand, the People Development pillar strives for a deep change in people mind set thanks to highly customized training schemes to be planned based on individual needs and most of all on overall organization growth.

The final remark on the Lean World Class® approach is that it maintains all Lean Thinking strengths (i.e. quick interventions with a hands-on approach) adding the two key above mentioned pillars. This allows to overcome the weaknesses of the World Class Manufacturing methodology such as red tape and success only in big organizations.

The Lean World Class® approach is successful in all organizations including SMEs.

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