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Digital Innovation X – Two day Master Class for Executives & Leaders

Master Class for Executives & Leaders | 17th-18th November 2020

This two day Master Class, developed in collaboration with UC Berkeley Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology,  will help Executives and Technical Leaders to understand how their Company can benefit from the digital technologies that are changing the business landscape of today:

  • Learn how to benefit from your Strategy with Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Big Data Applications, Blockchain and more.
  • Acquire how to harness power of the digital technologies in a practical way in order to compete in the data driven market of tomorrow.
  • Understand how to develop and implement a successful digital strategy within their organizations.

Contents of the program

This Master Class tackles the challenge of business creation and business transformation in the age of Digital Transformation.

We will discuss about how the digital technologies will have impact on your firm’s business strategy, leadership and culture.

We will outline together data-driven business models so that you can monetize the power in your data.
We will share together experiences and know how.

This Master Class is a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know in order to implement a successful digital strategy supporting leadership within your industry.


  • Having a deep understanding of how new technologies are changing business model and organizations.
  • Acquiring a hands-on view on required capabilities and values of digital technologies.
  • Learning how to implement a successful digital strategy.



Day 1

Topics developed

  • Innovation Mindset
  • Silicon Valley Trends
  • Digital Strategy Framework
  • Data Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence



  • Successful Innovation Starts with Mindset
  • Interactive Exercises
  • Silicon Valley Technology Insights & Trends
  • Framework to develop digital strategy for your business


  • Presentation of Case Studies
  • Data X – Technology Behind Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence
  • EXERCISE: Hands-On Predictive Data Analytics
  • Closing Discussion


Day 2

Topics developed

  • Data-Driven Business Model
  • Blockchain
  • Innovation Frameworks
  • Exponential Growth



  • Reflections from Day One
  • Data-Driven Business Models
  • Blockchain Changing the World
  • Digital Strategies: Blockchain Applications for the Industrial Sector


  • EXERCISE: Hands-on Blockchain Transactions
  • Corporate Innovation Frameworks
  • Presentation of Case Studies
  • Going From Linear to Exponential
  • EXERCISE: Applying Exponential Principles
  • Closing Discussion


Michele Bonfiglioli, CEO Bonfiglioli Consulting

Lead Instructors
Gigi Wang, UC Berkeley Industry Fellow & Faculty
Gigi  Wang  is  an  Industry  Fellow  &  Faculty  at  UC  Berkeley’s  Sutardja  Center  for  Entrepreneurship,  Chair  Emeritus  of  the  VLAB   (formerly   MIT/Stanford   Venture   Lab)   and   Advisory   Board  Member  of  Institute  of  European  Studies.  Gigi Wang  is  a regular conference speaker and conducts entrepreneurship/innovation workshops for start-ups, corporates, incubators, and universities around the world. She has mentored and advised hundreds of start-ups from around the world.

Alexander Fred-Ojala, Predli Founder & CEO
Alexander Fred-Ojala  AI & Blockchain Director, University of California, Berkeley and Co-founder and CEO of Predli Top-Tier Emerging Technology Advisory.

Marcus Zethraeus, Predli Co-founder & COO
Marcus Zethraeus, is Co-Founder of Predli, Top-Tier Emerging Technology Advisory offering world-class advise on emerging technology strategy, implementation, data driven business model Predli empowers Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, and startups to rapidly utilize the benefit of emerging technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Innovation.


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