World Class Manufacturing

World Class Manufacturing, shortly WCM, is the acronyms to rate leading global manufacturers of goods and services able to cut manufacturing costs in a systematic way by implementing world wide recognized approaches.

The World Class Manufacturing is program towards innovation based on continuous improvement by banishing any waste and loss (MUDA) thanks to everybody contribution and a strict implementation of approaches and procedures.

It is a comprehensive approach including 7 steps which consider all previous approaches towards improvement in the Shop Floor: from TQC (Total Quality Control) to TPM (Total Productive Maintenance), from JIT to Lean.

It overcomes the limits of TPS thanks to Cost Deployment, that allows to leverage losses to the detail of the single operation, making possible the relationship between costs and improvement processes.


Each pillars’ implementation consists of 7 steps bringing the company from a Reactive (reaction when a problem occurs) to a Preventive attitude (past experience is the guideline to avoid recurrent problems/ similar problems in different conditions). The ultimate goals is achieving a Proactive attitude (based on risk assessment, some actions are carried on to prevent a problem to occur).
Companies strive to become benchmarks.

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