The new Group Bonfiglioli Consulting | Octagona

We are pleased and proud to announce the new Group Bonfiglioli Consulting – Octagona.

We started with the dream of creating a Consulting Group, able to serve clients globally.

International growth, improvement of the value chain, and direct presence on foreign markets. The past of Bonfiglioli Consulting and Octagona, alongside companies for more than 50 years, speaks about challenges and successes, investments, internationalization, and above all our passion and expertise in the search for operationalexcellence and growth on global markets with companies and for companies.
We are your trusted partner, wherever you are, we are there:
✔ 12 offices in 3 continents (USA, Italy, India, Vietnam)
✔ +100 people
✔ +300 projects successfully completed annually
Watch the video now:

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