Six Sigma

The SIX SIGMA methodology, introduced in the ‘80s by Mikel J. Harry and Bill Smith with the support of Bob Galvin, showed how this approach to business improvement based on single projects is undeniably winning. SIX SIGMA was designed to improve industrial processes, and then successfully applied in supply chain, financial, service, support processes and so on.

The SIGMA level is the process performance measurement. SIGMA is, in fact, a index of dispersion in frequency distribution, a criterion to assess a process reliability, inversely proportional to the risk of defectiveness (a Six Sigma process has 3.4 defects per million opportunities).The application of SIX SIGMA approach brings a great improvement towards processes excellence in terms of customer satisfaction. This is possible thanks to a deep change in mindset.

The expertise of Bonfiglioli Consulting in LEAN THINKING and SIX SIGMA single approaches led to the development an innovative approach: LEAN SIX SIGMA. 

Lean Six Sigma

The Lean Thinking and Six Sigma methodologies are combined together to maximize the benefits in order to banish waste, plan continuous improvement in all business processes, support and improve productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction level.

The Lean Thinking approach allows to increase the efficiency and flexibility of manufacturing and decision-making processes by eliminating waste (intended what not perceived as value for the final customer) thanks to the engagement of the whole organization.

The Six Sigma methodology improves process reliability by eliminating the root causes and decreasing non-quality costs based on real measured data.

Here some results achieved in terms of annual savings in some projects:

  • Leading international group in the pharmaceutical industry: € 650,000/year
  • Leading industrial group in the industrial goods industry: € 450,000/year
  • Leading industrial group in the food&beverage industry: € 280,000/year
  • Leading industrial group in the fashion industry: € 500,000/year

Bonfiglioli Consulting offers three field-based certification courses for Lean Yellow Belt, Lean Green Belt and Lean Black Belt.

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