Bonfiglioli Consulting: agreement signed with Indian Kampani Capital

Thanks to this agreement, the consulting group specialised in operations and internationalisation, already active in India for over twenty years through its subsidiary Octagona, expands its service offering for Italian companies interested in developing in the Indian market

Bologna, Italy MARCH 2024

Bonfiglioli Consulting, an Italian business consulting company specialising in operations efficiency and internationalisation, a pioneer of the lean method and today present with 12 branches in three continents (USA, Europe, India), has just signed, through its subsidiary Octagona, an agreement with Kampani Capital (a division of Anak Consulting LLP), one of India’s leading financial advisory and consulting companies.

The aim of the agreement is to integrate into the service offering of Bonfiglioli Consulting, which is already strongly rooted in India thanks to its International Business Unit, of which Octagona is a part, the possibility of handling extraordinary operations in India, such as acquisitions and/or mergers, the search for venture capital and the search for financial support.

Octagona, which has been present in India for more than 20 years, supports Italian companies with interests in international markets and is already recognised in India as a specialised interlocutor by institutions, banks and associations, will provide valuable support to all Indian investors who are clients of Kampani Capital in order to bring them in and help them develop their investments in Italy.

The agreement reinforces the presence of the Bonfiglioli Consulting Group in a country whose growth looks set to consolidate and which already places it ahead of China and Russia, thanks to an annual GDP growth rate that has been steadily hovering around 7% for a decade (source: EMI).         

The Bonfiglioli Consulting team is excited to embark on this journey with Kampani Capital (a division of Anak Consulting LLP), confident that the collaboration will result in important and successful projects. Thanks to Kampani’s experience and expertise in financial advisory, Manager Acquisition and M&A services, our group will also be able to secure extraordinary transactions in India. We can only be pleased and proud of this new partnership, thanks to which we will be able to provide valuable support to Italian investors to develop their investments in India, a key focus of our mission.” commented Alessandro Fichera, Equity Partner and Director of the International Business Unit of Bonfiglioli Consulting and CEO Octagona

Amar Kampani, CEO and Founder of Kampani Capital said “India and Italy share very old and strong economic, cultural and political ties. This agreement with the Octagona group will go a long way in building stronger financial ties across sectors like automobiles, manufacturing, technology, transportation and consumer products. India continues to be a bright spark in the global economy with IMF predicting a growth rate of more than 6.5% pa for the coming financial year and we hope to work closely with Octagona facilitating both Inbound investments into India as well as Outbound investments from leading Indian Corporates/Family Offices. We are extremely excited about working closely with the marquee client base of Octagona and look forward to adding value to Italian companies as they grow their India businesses.”

India is now a central country in the global scenario and balance, for geographical, demographic (it is the most populous country in the world) and geopolitical reasons. In particular, there are two factors that make it a destination of interest for our companies: the Indian government’s impulse to the manufacturing sector, through incentive plans, and the size of domestic demand, which transforms this country into a huge local market. Aspects that make it easier to decide to set up production hubs within the territory.

For these reasons, starting this year Bonfiglioli Consulting has decided to include India as a new destination in its Study Tours offered to companies. “With India and its strong impetus in sectors such as aerospace and hi-tech we want to offer a glimpse into the future of innovation and provide the right complement to that ideal thread of Operational Excellence that starts with Japanese Lean and passes through Silicon Valley and reaches Germany, respectively the cradles of global digitalization and European manufacturing,adds Michele Bonfiglioli, CEO of Bonfiglioli Consulting.

Today in India there are over 700 success stories of Italian companies operating in the market, well over a hundred of which are accompanied by Octagona.

Bonfiglioli Consulting is the Italian name in business consulting. Founded in 1973 in Bologna, since 2010 it has been led by Michele Bonfiglioli, who represents the second generation and who has overseen its managerialisation and internationalisation process. The first to have introduced and adapted the Japanese philosophy of the ‘lean’ company to the Italian context, the company is considered a pioneer of consultancy in Italy and is today one of the few Italian consultancy companies with an international presence. Following the partnership started in 2017 and finalised in 2022 with the acquisition of a majority stake in Octagona, a company specialising in internationalisation services, today the Bonfiglioli Consulting Group has 12 offices on three continents with over 100 direct employees and 1,200 successful cases completed annually in Italy and around the world in the field of operations.

Kampani Capital (a division of Anak Consulting LLP) is a bespoke financial advisory firm offering structured advisory services to clients on debt and equity fund raising working with them to optimize their funding mix. The firm also works with Asset Managers to help them connect with local/global limited partners for investments into Indian asset classes. The firm has been founded by Amar Kampani and Sowmya Patkar who have combined experience of more than 45 years across global and Indian banks like HDFC Bank,BNP Paribas,Kotak and ING Vysya Bank.The firm has on-the-ground presence in major India cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Pune in addition to partner networks across major financial centres in the world.

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