Bonfiglioli Consulting expands its presence in the United States

February 28th, 2018 – Bonfiglioli Consulting, management consulting company specialized in Lean methodology, chooses the United States of America, in particular California, to strengthen its operational presence at international level, announcing the opening of a new headquarters in San Diego, to fulfill the project of becoming the first Italian Lean consultancy company with a strong international scope. Seven are now the international branches where Bonfiglioli Consulting has structured its presence. The others are: New Delhi, Bangalore and Pune in India, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam as well as Belo Horizonte in Brazil.

“The opening of the new office – explains Michele Bonfiglioli, Bonfiglioli Consulting’s CEO – will enable us to extend our activities in an area catching the Silicon Valley new trends and representing a springboard in one of the fastest growing economic hub in several industries: pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices, renewable energy, telecommunications and IT”.

The start-up project on the American territory involves an economic investment of over 120 thousand dollars in order to make the office and the two resources operating in Business Development, Operations and General Management effective within March 2018.

Established in 1973, when no one in Italy knew what “Lean Production” was, Bonfiglioli Consulting can today count about 200 active customers among multinationals as well as small and medium enterprises, 80 employees, over 120 projects completed in 2017 for a total value of 8,5 million euros. In addition to international offices, the company is present in Italy in the cities of  Bologna, Milan and Padua.

Specialized in the Lean methodological approach, Bonfiglioli Consulting operates in four main areas of intervention: Processes, Innovation, Sustainability and Resources. These represent the four fundamental levers a company must be based on in order to achieve excellent results and to effectively support international competition.

The results achieved by the companies are, on average: an increase in productivity and a decrease in operating losses by 20-30%; a decrease in industrial costs on multi-annual plans by 30%; a decrease in new product development time by 30-50%; an increase in production plants performances by 10-20%; a reduction in stocks (raw materials, semi-finished and finished products) by 25-30% and a customer service level of over 95%.

Besides offering these supporting activities, Bonfiglioli provides clients with the unique training opportunity offered by the Lean Factory School®. Here, Managers and Entrepreneurs dressed in overalls and equipped with screwdrivers and drills, graphs and forecasts, face real problems of real production lines and implement the digital transformation required to improve company competitiveness. The Lean Factory School® is an innovative training school, which enables participants to appreciate the Lean World Class® approach putting it into practice in a mocked-up working environment. In 2017, 45 training courses have been offered to over 600 attendees.

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