We support your company in its fight to win the competition by designing an excellent operating model able to provide customers with an exceptional multichannel shopping experience.

The retail sector is facing a period of great transformation.
The emerging of large online marketplace players has changed the competitive scenario forever.

Customers have an extremely wide range offer for services and products, easily available in a multichannel mode. The core idea of the physical point of sale is being challenged in a scenario of increasing pressure on prices and progressive reduction of operating margins.

Only the ability to manage – in an integrated and synergic way- all different distribution channels, both physical and online, by exploiting all the opportunities of the digital revolution, will make it possible to redesign an innovative and engaging Customer Journey capable of building customer loyalty and win the competition.
The redefinition of internal logistics and distribution processes, in order to optimize the entire value chain, will finally transform the new market opportunities into increased profits for the organization

Bonfiglioli Consulting’ service offering is focused on what, in our experience, will be the key success factors in the industry:

  • Find out how, thanks to Value Innovation approach, you will develop the ability to deliver winning Purchasing, Pre and After Sales experiences to the customer by leveraging the opportunities offered by multi-channel distribution.
  • Implement our Value Chain Excellence methodologies to optimize end-to-end processes, from Sourcing & Procurement to After Sales, as a strategic factor for success and maintaining profit margins.
  • Boost your competitive positioning thanks to the adoption of enabling technologies and to our Digital Transformation approach in order to exploit profiling techniques through Big Data analysis so as to increasingly customize your offer and build customer loyalty.

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