Public Sector

We support your organization in the development of operating models by designing the entire value chain so as to achieve Operational Excellence.

Service companies, like other sectors, are subject to daily changes related to economic aspects of the market in which they operate.

Customers today are increasingly connected, fast and demanding, and services must constantly adapt to emerging and changing customer demands.

Being flexible, able to generate new solutions for existing problems, eliminate any waste and drastically reduce costs, to then achieve operational excellence has become an increasingly key success factor to survive in such a competitive scenario.

But what is Operational Excellence in service companies?

It is the dynamic ability to achieve an effective and efficient value chain by integrating organizational, procedural, technical and cultural factors to continuously design, implement, control and optimize business processes in alignment with the organization’s strategy and customer needs.

Achieving operational excellence thus becomes a necessary step to compete today.

How can you achieve it? Thanks to Lean Transformation and our approaches: Value Innovation, Value Chain Excellence, Change Management.

Operational approaches that provide a framework of principles regarding  thought and practical approach guidelines.

The Lean approach derived from the Toyota Production System, acts on the streamlining and continuous improvement of operational processes (finance and sales) focusing primarily on the systematic reduction of waste and has as its ultimate goal cost reduction and customer service improvement.

Bonfiglioli Consulting thanks to its expertise and expert consultants supports organizations in implementing Lean Tools and techniques to:

  • manage value and strategically align processes
  • launch a continuous improvement mind set
  • monitor KPI based performance
  • manage human capital, the most important resource of every company
  • stand out in the market in terms of speed and flexibility of response, while keeping costs at competitive levels.


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