Industrial Goods

We support your organization in changing its industrial processes generating a significant impact on competitiveness.

Manufacturing companies are at a point of discontinuity and of accelerating need for transformation awareness due to new market trends:

  • Servitization
  • Customization
  • Increased price competitiveness
  • Demand contraction and variability

This generates an increasing pressure to cut costs, as well as a growing need for flexibility and for differentiation.

New technologies offer extraordinary opportunities to change industrial processes and are able to generate a significant impact on competitiveness, a true paradigm shift.

Bonfiglioli Consulting, thanks to its consultancy expertise in processes and plants and to the Lean World Class® and Operational Excellence approaches, supports companies in increasing their turnover in a hypercompetitive and volatile scenario thanks to a strategic roadmap focused on:

  • Differentiation and development of new business models
  • Plants and processes efficiency
  • Improved design quality
  • Performance reliability
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Operational continuity (zero downtime target)
  • Total Cost of Ownership sustainability
  • Increased service level

Digibelt, thanks to its Lean Industry 4.0 application platform, supports companies in integrating digital solutions into a mature operating model thus ensuring speed, flexibility, elasticity and decision-making abilities.

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