Consumer Products

We support your organization in generating value for client thanks to world class manufacturing processes.

Bonfiglioli Consulting, thanks to the VALUE CHAIN EXCELLENCE approach, aims at reviewing all processes in detail, in order to optimize product quality and costs along the whole value chain.

Bonfiglioli Consulting supports customers on a journey in order to:

  • Generate new value for customers thanks to VALUE INNOVATION: → Product Research & Development processes which are highly integrated with production processes
  • Pave the way to OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: → to excellent manufacturing processes aimed at increasing manufacturing flexibility and optimizing resource consumption, starting from the plants
  • Gain benefits for customers thanks to VALUE CHAIN EXCELLENCE: → having order management and products distribution processes centered on on-time-delivery

In all our projects great attention is always paid to a comprehensive view of the organization led by processes and our interventions are always guided by value, a key concept for LEAN PRODUCTION and LEAN SALES approaches.

The goal is to have return on investments in a short period of time (6 – 18 months) by having positive impacts on KPIs: COGS (Cost of Goods Sold), Working Capital and ROIC (Return on Invested Capital).

The added value of our approach is ensured by experienced consultants who are able to fully understand industrial strategies, to develop these strategies and to then turn them into daily routines.

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