We support your organization in the development of an operating model aimed at sustaining competitiveness. We do this by designing entire value chains.

Automotive is an ever changing sector due to:

  • Tough competition existing among different players coming also from emerging economies
  • New trends that are reshaping some of the key aspects of tier 1 and 2 activities. Final customers have an increasing leading role and customization will be a key word in the new competitive scenario
  • Technological innovations capable of boosting user experience by combining mobility, communication and information.

The company-market relationship has become the decisive competitive confrontation ground. This thanks to its ability to:

  • achieve goals in terms of
    • maximum efficiency,
    • manufacturing inputs best combination,
    • profit maximization.
  • track demand trends heavily influenced by uncertainty and turbulence, along with significant acceleration of the processes of change.

Operations are the core in this competitive scenario. The whole value chain has to be deeply reviewed moving from R&D to Manufacturing/Supply chain including Marketing, Sales & Aftersales.

In this scenario, the winning business model is the one combining the Lean & Digital approach which is able to generate an actual long-lasting, competitive advantage for the organization.

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