We support your organization in the development of an operating model aimed at sustaining competitiveness. We do this by designing entire value chains.

Automotive is an ever changing sector due to the hard competition existing among manufacturers.

Industrial Goods

We support your organization in changing its industrial processes generating a significant impact on competitiveness.

Manufacturing companies are at a point of discontinuity and of accelerating need for transformation awareness due to new market trends.

Life Sciences

We support your organization as it turns into a Data-Driven, Agile organization.

The sector has been one of the last to introduce the Lean approach, therefore there are still opportunities to reach operational excellence in manufacturing, sourcing & procurement and distribution.


We support your company in its fight to win the competition by designing an excellent operating model able to provide customers with an exceptional multichannel shopping experience.

The retail sector is facing a period of great transformation. The emerging of large online marketplace players has changed the competitive scenario forever.

Consumer Products

We support your organization in generating value for client thanks to world class manufacturing processes.

Bonfiglioli Consulting, thanks to the Value Chain Excellence approach, aims at reviewing all processes in detail, in order to optimize product quality and costs along the whole value chain.

Banks and Services

We support your company in riding the transformations that the financial sector is facing and we show you how to take advantage of the extraordinary opportunities offered by a rapidly changing market.

This sector will have to continue reinventing itself over and over again in light of the unstoppable diffusion of services such as home banking, mobile payments, online trading, AI algorithms for investment management, Blockchain etc.

Public Services

We support your organization in the development of operating models by designing the entire value chain so as to achieve Operational Excellence.
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