Executive Programs

Digital Innovation X – Two day Master Class for Executives & Leaders
24-25 March 2020

This Master Class tackles the challenge of business creation and business transformation in the age of Digital Transformation. It is a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know in order to implement a successful digital strategy supporting leadership within your industry. Detailed program

Lean Factory Japan Tour
17th-23rd May 2020

A STUDY TOUR to Japan to live a comprehensive Lean experience, thanks to site visits to manufacturing and services organizations, in order to understand how Lean Management principles are implemented in Japan and thanks to hands-on training sessions held by Toyota Managers.
Detailed program coming soon.

Lean Factory Silicon Valley Study Tour
October 2020

A STUDY TOUR in the Silicon Valley to live a comprehensive Lean&Digital experience and explore the Open Innovation, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Fast Prototyping and Manufacturing Design topics thanks to highly customized tours in Industry 4.0 plants, Workshops at the UC Berkeley and meetings with innovative Startups and organizations.
Detailed program coming soon.

Italy Benchmarching Trip

A Learning by doing  and Learning by seeing experience. Participating in our Touch&Try experience will arm you with the insight you need to increase your perspective towards operational excellence.

A Touch&Try experience overview:

  • Factory Tours (1 Day): Walking tours in World Class companies such as Lamborghini, and Ducati
  • Executive Training (4 Days): A four-day “touch&try” experience to appreciate Lean World Class® approach in the field
  • A wrap-up Meeting: The time to  share impressions, ideas, plans


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