Turning knowledge into expertise

Lean Factory School® is an innovative training school which enables participants to appreciate the Lean World Class® approach putting it into practice in a mocked-up working environment. It is also a great place in which to experience Lean & Digital Transformation first-hand.

Thanks to our Lean Factory School®, Bonfiglioli Consulting is the point of reference for continuous training to promote business culture.
It is also an innovation center in which to test Industry 4.0 technologies and develop new applications to support business processes.

Our training offer includes:

On Demand Training Packages

A wide range of on demand training packages that can be customized according to your needs
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Certification Programs

Lean&Digital Certification Programs
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Learning by doing

Getting involved, experiencing first-hand, learning by doing: this is how knowledge becomes competence.

Learning how to turn strategy into action, optimizing processes, innovating products and services, implementing transformation projects, experiencing first-hand the value of technology: all this is Lean Factory School®.
A training school where the value of know-how, delivered by top-level trainers, is matched by Bonfiglioli Consulting’s  corporate experience. A unique combination of quality and pragmatism that is enhanced by the comparison with national and international Best Practices.

The Lean Factory School® is in partnership with the most prestigious Italian and international academic institutions and major business associations

Technological partnerships in Industry 4.0, Data Science and Analytics make Lean Factory School® a unique place where to experience first-hand technology implementation

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