From analog to digital: a journey to operational excellence

In today’s competitive landscape, efficiency and flexibility are key factors for any company’s success. Unifarco, a leader in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, decided to meet this challenge by embracing the digitization of production, focusing on an innovative product-service system.

Project goal: Implement a Lean methodology integrated with Industry 4.0 technologies to optimize production processes, particularly those related to mass production and packaging.

Focus on customer experience: Unifarco identified points of convergence between customer needs and optimization potential by acting on the operational functions of machinery.

Specific objectives were:

  • Automatic acquisition of machine times and operational status of the production line
  • Digitization of production with management system integration
  • Monitoring and data collection of the production process with subsequent archiving
  • Digitization of the line: communication between operator, maintenance personnel and production manager
  • Elimination of paper support and visualization of Lean process indicators

This case study illustrates how Unifarco, through an integrated digital approach, has achieved excellent results in terms of efficiency, productivity and sustainability. Learn in detail about the challenges faced by the company, the technological solution adopted and the concrete results achieved in terms of efficiency, productivity and competitiveness.

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