Lean Thinking success in Italy

Five best-in-practice cases to build a competitive company

The foundation of lean thinking is represented by an ongoing research and by the elimination of wastes with the aim to produce more with a less resource consumption.

The new edition of this book “Lean thinking: success in Italy” (arousing great interest in entrepreneurial and managerial circles for its innovation, its strictness and clearness of explanation) has been widened and increased with the addition of five new Italian successful cases, new evidences and the completion of the methodological and theoretical approach to the lean enterprise.

The deepening of methodological approach and the wide “lean” experience shown in these five cases make this book really unique and exhaustive (probably the most exhaustive in Italy) from both theoretical and practical point of view to approach the “lean thinking” theory.

The results reported in this book, achieved in Italian firms (whose some belong to multinational companies) and with company people involved, will certainly encourage managers and entrepreneurs to free themselves from alibis (“here, we cannot do that” or “here it is different”) and face the lean firm enthusiastically!

The results attained show that from a lean point of view the problem of competitiveness auto-solves itself.

A firm reducing delivery times (for more of 50%), reducing stocks and spaces equitably, reducing flaws and rejects and increasing productivity (of percentages always higher than 10%), isn’t it perhaps more competitive? Therefore, the lean firm is able to face the global market challenges successfully.

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