Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is a corporate vision that combines production efficiency with a strong drive towards innovation and environmental sustainability. Operational Excellence means making processes more efficient with less waste and therefore lower costs.

It means being innovative and able to quickly develop not only new products and services, but also new solutions to existing problems.

It means being sustainable and environmentally conscious.

These are all topics that are discussed daily by entrepreneurs and managers.

But what is the roadmap to operational excellence?

The market rewards dynamic, enterprising and efficient companies that invest in product and process innovation and that think and act internationally.

These are some of the elements the Lean World Class® toolbox.
The Lean World Class® approach represents the next step in the Lean Thinking approach as it is combined with the updated WCM (World Class Manufacturing) methodology. The effectiveness of the two approaches is mixed by applying the strictness of the WCM methodology to the whole value flow as by Lean Thinking focus.

The vision provided by Operational Excellence, combined with the pillars of Cost Deployment, People Development and the Six Sigma methodology, is able to drive every improvement intervention in processes and people skills on the basis of the direct impact on cost reduction, measured in terms of euro/year savings.

Discover how Bonfiglioli Consulting can support your organization in finding your way to Operational Excellence through Value Innovation, Value Chain Excellence, Change Management and People Development.

Find solutions able to :

  • Reduce process waste, aiming at value, increasing efficiency and creating a virtuous circle involving people
  • Innovate products and processes
  • Develop and enhance human capital by engaging people and involving them in improvement
  • Make continuous improvement a daily routine and not just a slogan
  • Being sustainable, creating tomorrow’s company today
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