Lean Thinking

Lean thinking develops within the Lean World Class® approach

Lean Thinking is an approach developed in the United States and first introduced in the book “The Machine That Changed the World” by Womack Jones and Roos in 1990 as the next step of the TPS (Toyota Production System) to increase efficiency and eliminate waste in value generation processes.

The term “lean” means the search for the maximum reduction of waste, defined as everything that does not add value for the customer; the term “thinking” recalls the need to develop a cultural approach open to change and continuous improvement.

Bonfiglioli Consulting was the pioneer of Lean Thinking in Italy: we have made it pragmatic and effective thanks to the development of Lean World Class® : our proprietary methodology, we have implemented it in hundreds of different organizations and in all industries.

Lean World Class® brings the methodological rigor of World Class Manufacturing (the application of Lean Thinking to process improvement in the automotive sector) to the entire value chain thanks to the introduction of two new pillars: Cost Deployment and People Development.

The Cost Deployment Pillar makes it possible to easily identify results achieved through improvement activities in the income statement.

People Development ensures the achievement of a lasting and sustainable change: it is only thanks to the focus on people engagement and their training in approach and tools to create change that it is possible to develop continuous improvement based on Lean Thinking principles.

Our operational approach is Lean Thinking: a new way of thinking, which involves the whole organization and attacks waste along the entire value chain so as to increase flexibility.

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