Digital Transformation

Improve your competitive positioning thanks to the implementation of enabling technologies in your company

The rise the Industry 4.0 revolution brings a radical paradigm shift, confronting companies with technological changes that in terms of speed, scope and effect on systems, will exceed what has been experienced so far in manufacturing and service sectors.

When talking about supporting organizations along the Lean Digital Transformation roadmap, Bonfiglioli Consulting is a methodological reference point, and thanks to the support of Digibelt, it is able to lead companies in the adoption of enabling technologies and accelerate the process of business transformation:

  • IoT & Industrial Internet
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Cloud
  • Horizontal & Vertical Integration
  • Simulation

The digitalization process becomes also an opportunity for process optimization and corporate culture development thanks to Bonfiglioli Consulting track records in Lean methodologies implementation, based on:

  • Process orientation and continuous improvement
  • Focus on KPIs and data analysis
  • Distributed Know-how
  • People Engagement

Only the synergy and the right synthesis between Lean approach and enabling technologies makes it possible to achieve the changes necessary to renew the company and its critical success factors.

Thanks to Lean approach implementation and the related systematic reduction of waste and non-value adding activities, it is possible not only to streamline processes, but, above all, to generate a deep cultural change in the organization: Lean Digital Transformation.

This creates the ideal and necessary conditions for the introduction of Industry 4.0 technologies, which offer the unique opportunity to further strengthen the achieved results and accelerate the speed of improvement.

The Lean Factory School®, in collaboration with Digibelt, the Lean Industry 4.0 platform designed for the manufacturing industry, is the technological center of excellence in which to develop and implement digital solutions to support processes. People, who have always been the center of the Lean approach, can benefit from an innovative environment in which to train on Lean and Industry 4.0 methodologies, promoting a corporate culture oriented to Lean Digital Transformation.

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