Hands-on consulting for long-lasting results.

Organization, processes, innovation and sustainability are our playgrounds: we want to show companies how to become more efficient, more up-to-date, more sustainable. We avoid a purely theoretical approach. Our contribution is practical, based on an active involvement to solve problems and to support companies’ engagement in a long-lasting change process.


Innovate and transform your organization.

A successful innovation is not just closely related to technology and product; it has to create value.

Operational Excellence

We have developed an extremely pragmatic, results-driven approach, fully customized for each intervention.

Business Process Redesign

Making business processes efficient and effective

Lean Thinking

Lean thinking develops within the Lean World Class® approach.

Lean World Class®

Lean World Class® represents the next step of the Lean Thinking approach.

Digital Transformation

Improve your competitive positioning thanks to the implementation of enabling technologies in your company

Supported by its partner Digibelt, Bonfiglioli Consulting is able to combine its wide experience in implementing Lean methodologies with enabling technologies able to speed up the company transformation process.

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