Master Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Level

Competences and accountability to Lead Projects.

This is the final step to become a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt subject matter of expert. He or she plays a key role in any Lean Six Sigma project implementation and is accountable for the following skills and responsibilities:

  • Reports to the steering committee on the project budget and timeline management
  • Deep knowledge of Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques
  • Team leading and support to manage project and tools and techniques selection
  • Best practices definition and deployment
  • Full-time commitment for continuous improvement programs in the organization by implementing Lean Six Sigma Projects



A highly customized Lean Six Sigma training program with a hands-on approach.

Training program details:

  • Online Welcome Assessment. This assessment is intended to assess the initial level of knowledge of Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques and thus to customize lessons accordingly
  • Training sessions (11 modules – 8 training hours per module)
  • Certification Day
    • Final Test: 150 multiple choice questions including theory and exercises
    • Project Work submission

Tutoring program details:

  • In-house and remote Lean Six Sigma Projects tutoring

Detailed Program

Introduction to Six Sigma

  • QM introduction: background – TQM – Lean – Six Sigma
  • Six Sigma introduction: DMAIC DFSS (DMADV)
  • Six Sigma introduction: roadmaps, roles and key players


Define & Soft Skills

  • Selecting opportunities: turning customers requests into improvement project
  • Kano and ServQual as VoC triggers for improvement
  • DFSS approach: customer-based innovation
  • QFD: connecting customer and process for DFSS
  • Economical and DCF tecniques for project assessment
  • Priority for Multiple Project Portfolio Managment : models and interpretation
  • Time and team management
  • Conflict management: leadership and motivation
  • Project Management: techniques to effectively plan and track projects
  • Effective presentation: hints to manage the information, keep the focus and catch the attention
  • KPIs and KAIs: selection and dynamics

Presentation and discussion of a real case stu



  • Effective and productive data collection plan
  • Statistical basics for industrial use and statistics model
  • Central limit theorem: the key for sampling and interpretation of data
  • Box-Cox transformations
  • Measurement System Analysis and Gauge R&R for variable data
  • Gage R&R for attribute data: hands on

Presentation and discussion of a real case study: measurement systems in terms of operations and financial returns *



  • Qualitative and quantitative advanced tools to support RCA and DDD
  • FMEA: effective risk management
  • Hypotesis test with normal and non normal population
  • ANOVA (Analysis of variance)
  • Regression model and its validation
  • Time series analysis and forecasting models

Presentation and discussion of a real case study of FMEA and ANOVA*



  • DoE basics recall
  • Scheduling and selecting DoE plans: effective strategies and effective output analysis
  • How to plan and implement a fractional DoE
  • Introduction to Robust Design Plans, Surface Response Methods and EVOP
  • Innovative methodologies to support idea generation management
  • Solution ranking and selection

Presentation and discussion of a real case study: improvements implementing or not DoE technique *



  • How to drive a good standard introduction
  • How to monitor performances and develop control charts
  • How to define control charts for continuous data
  • How to define control charts for attributes
  • Evolutive Control Charts: CUSUM and EWMA

Presentation and discussion of a real case study : inactivity towards changes , changes, control charts *

* Case Studies are introduced and discussed during training sessions




Certification requirements

In order to earn the certification is required to:
1. Attend at least 80% of all scheduled training sessions
2. Pass the Final Online Test
3. Submit a final Project Work


To enroll and attend a Black Belt certification program it is a prerequisite to have a Green Belt Certification or a comparable expertise, to be previously assessed by a free Assessment

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