Lean World Class® from Predictive Maintenance to Predictive Quality

Maintenance: a key success factor in industrial production processes

Maintenance is a key success factor in industrial business operations. It has a direct impact on the whole manufacturing system, product quality, and production costs. Many factories take a reactive maintenance approach, focusing on breakdown analysis and resolution only after a problem arises, but this approach, ultimately, has negative impacts on performance and results.

Good maintenance turns into great performances and then into excellent results.

How to master maintenance: Lean World Class® Maintenance Approach

At the core of Lean World Class® maintenance approach is the partnership between manufacturing / production staff, maintenance technicians, and technical services to improve what is called Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Launching a program of zero breakdowns and zero defects results in the improvement or elimination of six crippling shop-floor losses:

1.  Equipment breakdowns

2.  Setup and adjustment slowdowns

3.  Idling and short-term stoppages

4.  Reduced capacity

5.  Quality-related losses

6.  Startup/restart losses

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