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Companies willing to stay competitive and keep on growing need to face and win the market challenges. They need to look ahead and beyond, to foresee expectations and face changes in a fast, efficient and innovative way.
One of the key challenges our business system is called upon to face is represented by the environmental sustainability.
All the best in class companies are heavily investing in energy efficiency innovative projects, supporting the use of renewable energies and designing lower environmental impact products.

We believe that this represents the future, an expression of the new way of doing business.

We want to carry on an idea of business bound to the solution and not to the issue, able to discuss with local and social authorities and to grow along with its environment in this world.

Bonfiglioli Consulting intends to stand by those companies which share this approach and recognize sustainability as a pillar of excellence and growth. We want to commit our skills and know-how to support them in developing and implementing a “competitive sustainability” approach. This should be a competitive leverage to invest on in order to recover costs, improve efficiency and strengthen its own brand and values.

Sustainability should represent an opportunity, for us and for our clients.


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