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Contrary to common opinions, innovation (the “great idea”) is not the result of incidental chances, but could and should be the outcome of a sought and planned process.

Firstly, it is crucial to define what “innovation” is and each company, within its scope, has to figure out the deep distinction between a real innovation (breaking) and a significant improvement (incremental) in order to optimize available resources.
Secondly, it should be clear that a real innovation is the one able to be successfully launched in the market and generate customer value and company profit. A good idea or a new technology are necessary components but may not be sufficient to achieve these results.
Thirdly, it should be pointed out that innovation is not based on “sold”: the innovation process and the product development process are two distinctive aspects, they have different schedules and should not be mixed up, even if their integration is essential.

Finally, innovation goes beyond the introduction of a new product or a new feature, but can also be achieved by introducing a new organization, creating a new service, improving processes, reviewing the entire value chain.

Therefore, a successful innovation is not just closely related to technology and product; it has to create value.

Innovation is not matter of the Engineering Dept only; nowadays it is the result of an entire innovation driven organization, able to engage the whole organization including roles, responsibilities, processes and management tools.

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