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Information Technology

The advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution requires a radical paradigm shift, beyond the simplest concept of Information Technology.

At the same time we are facing changes that, in terms of speed, scope and pervasiveness in systems and technologies, will surpass what experienced so far in manufacturing and services.

Bonfiglioli Consulting wants to be a methodological point of reference in accompanying companies along their journey towards Industry 4.0, through all the value chain stages.

Supported by its partner Digibelt, Bonfiglioli Consulting is able to combine its wide experience in implementing Lean methodologies, characterized by:

  • Process orientation and continuous improvement
  • Focus on measurement and data analysis
  • On-field expertise
  • Emphasis on people engagement

with enabling technologies able to speed up the company transformation process, such as:

  • IoT & Industrial Internet
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Cloud
  • Horizontal & Vertical Integration
  • Simulation

Only the synergy between Lean approach and enabling technologies will lead to the changes necessary to rethink businesses and representing their key success factors.

By implementing Lean methodologies and consequently decreasing waste and Non-Value Adding Activities, it is possible not only to streamline processes, but also to bring a deep cultural change within the organization.

Thus, the ideal (besides necessary) conditions to introduce the enabling technologies of Industry 4.0 are created, and can offer a unique possibility to enhance the achieved results and speed up improvements.

Our Lean Factory School®, supported by Digibelt, the enterprise application platform built for the manufacturing industry, aims at being the innovation excellence center where to develop and  implement new applications to support business processes.

People, always the core of Lean approach, can benefit from a state-of-the-art environment where to be trained on Lean methodologies and Industry 4.0, encouraging a business culture based on Lean& Digital Transformation.

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